The big BEE debate


Yes, I am another white person questioning the eligibility of this system. I know what happened during apartheid, because since my first day at school, through university in to the working world the same topic has come up again and again and again! We get it. It’s our history and it is important for us to learn what happened, but there is no point drudging it up in every syllabus! Fair is fair, BEE was implemented to give those less fortunate a fair chance in life, but surely there comes a point where someone has to stand up and say enough is enough. BEE is still teaching people to see individuals as their race and not as the person they are and the skills they may have. It goes back to the simple philosophy of ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ Look at the average person: If you know you are going to get something without putting in any effort, would you really go out of your way to prove that you deserve what you are getting? If you know you are going to be given an A for a test, are you really going to spend all your time working and studying to prove you deserve that grade? Highly unlikely. I am not saying everyone is like that, because we all know that is not true. There are people out there who work very hard and would get to where they are BEE or no BEE.

As a South African I cannot tell you how many times I have clicked open a link to a job I would like to apply for, read all the qualifications noting how perfectly I would fit the job role and then right before I click to load my CV and apply I stop because I have seen the ‘EE’ stamp on it. You have got to be kidding me? Surely I should be allowed to have a fair chance against people with the same qualifications and experience as me and surely they should welcome the opportunity to beat their opposition not because of their race but because of their ability to perform the job role better? Are there too many companies benefiting financially from the BEE system and that is the reason it is still around? How many people are there benefiting from the system who really care about the people who were previously disadvantaged and how many people are just manipulating the system because they can, thus making a mockery of the people who fought for the right to a fair chance and equality? That’s right, equality. How does BEE promote EQUALITY? They did not fight for equality of one race, they fought for equality for all; that means the entire rainbow nation.

I expect this may offend some people and if it does it should only offend you if you are one of those people who are milking the system for all it is worth. This is not a personal attack on anyone I am just questioning a system that seems to be outdated and ineffective. I am asking a lot of rhetorical questions that you can ponder about yourself no matter what your race or gender. These questions have to be raised because once you become complacent you take away your own say and your right to fight for equality. I think now BEE may be holding South Africa back instead of moving us forward and past all the negativity of apartheid despite all its previous good intentions.

I encourage you to have your say and share your views. Laughing and mocking the government and its policies is easy and anyone can do it, but how constructive is that? If you have a valid opinion offer it. If you have a bitter opinion share it so we can address it. If you have a racist opinion please go back to the 1980’s when people still had time for things like that because we do not need people like that holding us back any longer.


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