What ever happened to manners?


I do not know who to blame when I see some of the atrocious things some people do and there are people out there who should never be allowed to open their mouths let alone be in the company of other people. What happened to good, old-fashioned manners? What I mean by manners is a simple ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to let people know you appreciate them or what they have done. I cannot believe that there are so many parents out there who do not teach their children manners. Your children are a reflection of you so if your child behaves like an ill-mannered, snot-nosed little brat then people are going to assume you are no better. I do believe there are some people out there who are too obsessed with manners and think they have the right to impart their wisdom on others and that is where respect comes in. We are all, excuse me, most of us are brought up to respect our elders and that is all good in theory. I am happy to respect my elders and go out of my way to show them I respect them, but disrespect me and I see no reason why I should continue to respect someone when it is obviously not appreciated nor reciprocated.

People with plain bad manners do need to be smacked over the head a good couple of times until they learn to respect others. How can you expect to earn the respect of others if you do not show it first? A wise teacher of mine once said, ‘We work together and mutually respect each other. I will respect you and you respect me, but if you do anything to disrespect me you give me no reason to treat you any differently.’ Those are such wise words and they have stuck in my head ever since. You should always put your best foot forward and show someone you are worth their respect and if they do not reciprocate then at least you know you tried. If they go out of their way to prove they are superior then I say why not take them down a notch or two. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. I can imagine my parents are probably shaking their heads right now and sighing.

My parents were always worried when I went to go and stay over at my friends houses because of how I behaved at home and when I would return home people would compliment them on my impeccable behavior and how I am always welcome in their home. My mom and dad were gob-smacked, to say the least, and they could never understand, because I was a little terror at home. We laugh about it now and even I cannot say why I never behaved that way at home, but I thank my parents for raising me right and teaching me to be the kind of person people would welcome in to their home. I have terrible phone manners at dinner tables and things like that, but I will blame technology for that because nothing is every my fault (yes, yes… it’s my fault).

Aside from that, what about the way men treat women these days? Are our expectation to high when we believe a guy should open the door for us or let I walk first through the door? What about offering to carry heavy groceries or your luggage or anything?! It does not make you less of a man to have some manners and show a girl some respect. Everyone has standards and one of mine was if they guy had bad manners he didn’t stand a chance of ever seeing me again. I do not need a cave man who thinks he can sit on his ass all day while I cook and clean up after him. The sad thing is there are still men  out there being raised to believe that, that is how it should be. When I was in London hobbling with my luggage up stairs strangers would just grab the bag and help me to the top AND they didn’t try and steal it! There are still wonderful guys around with impeccable manners and all I can say is please rub off on the rest of them. I know girls also have bad manners but I am not as aware of those as I am about guys manners so some one tell us about girls bad manners…!

Would you want to bring disrespectful people in to your home or your life? There is nothing worse than bad manners and bad behaviour and when you reach a certain stage in your life you should be able to cut out those people. You would be surprised at how that bad qualities can rub off on you. Have you ever been friends with people with terrible manners? Is it worth surrounding yourself with rude people? Who do you blame for them behaving the way they do?



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  1. Love the article, as usual! It’s sad how badly some people conduct themselves and the general state of the displaying of manners in the world today (If that makes sense)…

    There are, however, a few who still make an effort to maintain a high standard of manners / etiquette. Especially guys who conduct themselves with some form of decorum and in a gentlemanly fashion…. ie. Standing so a girl/woman may sit, letting ladies walk through doorways/entrances first etc. Not to sound to forward, but I am such a guy and pay attention to how my mates conduct themselves, and it’s often very sad. When with the mates, of course we are going to act differently, which is fine… I believe though that there is a time and place for everything. So should a lady enter the room and we’re fooling around or just doing what us guys do best and talking crap, it should be put on hold until she has left.

    This also doesn’t apply ONLY to ladies, but to the older generation around us too. Often even more so to the parents or elders in the vicinity because it would make a lasting impression and after all we all want to be liked and remembered in a positive way, even f you won’t admit it.

    That’s just my say:-)

    Look forward to the next article!



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