My Mother is on Facebook!


I heard the guys really get in to this topic over the weekend and I will have to sensor most of what they said, but the rate at which moms are joining facebook I can see why it is getting to people. I have to laugh when I think of some of the stories I have heard about mothers on facebook and even witnessed first hand. The scary thought is having you mother as your friend on facebook is pretty much like inviting her out with you and your friends every single day! There is no more editing the truth when you tell her anything and you may even find they start testing you to see if what you say and what they read on your facebook add up. You may even find that your aunts and uncles and worst of all your friends parents start adding you as a friend and where do you go from there?

Your mom may use facebook for three reasons: 1. as a way to stalk you and keep track of what is going on with you 2. to stalk your friends and find new gossip to pass around (this applies to soccer moms) or 3. for the same reason you do; to stay in touch and get connected with family and friends all over the world. These days social networks are not only for the young so why is it such a big deal if your parents are friends with you on facebook?

If you have just left home and are getting up to things at university that you do not really want your parents to find out about, that is a good enough reason. You have lived under their roof and stuck by their rules your entire school life and this is your time to make your owns rules. You should be allowed to misbehave without having every move tracked! We understand parents want to be close to their children, but there have to boundaries so give your children some space to express him or herself. Do you really want to be the mother suffocating your child when all they need is some well-earned breathing space? Things start getting weirder when your friends mom decides to add you as a friend. Note to mothers: do not add our friends as your friends on facebook! It is weird and we can understand why they are so freaked out about it. If they want you as a friend let them add you rather.

If your mom wants to be friends with you on facebook she has to realise that she is going to see things she probably does not want to and find out things she would have preferred not to and visa versa. As long as your mom does not get involved or try and discipline you on facebook then you can be friends. No one wants to be scolded on their facebook page by their mother, because no matter how old you are it is still embarrassing and it is very unnecessary! You may laugh, but I have seen it happen. No matter how close you are with your mom there are some things you do not want them to know. Moms should think if it as your children trying to keep you from finding out things that may shatter the innocent grade 1 image you have of them stuck in your head.

My mom is my friend on facebook . I remember once there was a comment on one of my posts and I had a word with my mom only to find out it was my dad who had made the comment. She has banned him from using her facebook now unless I give him permission. My mom probably does check up on my brother and I, but she does not let on that she does. I know there are mothers out there who should learn from this. My mom has been able to connect with family all over the world and that makes her happy. So to all the crazy mothers stalking their children and their children’s friends, all i can say is discretion is appreciated.



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