Us Binge Drinkers


Everyone LOVES Friday’s! Not all people work on Saturday so you get to do whatever the hell you like. Who wouldn’t love that?! You can go to sleep late and wake up whenever you want! You weekly mini-holiday! The best thing is you can party the night before and not worry that you have to interact with other human beings the next day. It’s the perfect time to get absolutely wasted! Binge drinking, which a lot of us tend to do, is basically when you drink stupid amounts of alcohol with the intention of getting absolutely hammered over a short time.

So to those of us waking up with the taste of a dead Mexican in our mouths, an intense throbbing in our heads, aches and pains in places we never knew could ache and pain, slips from clubs and bars we do not remember going to, the detestable nausea and those red-eyed pictures of you in the weirdest poses reminding you of what you got up to the night before, say hello to the hangover from hell!

You lie there thinking ‘Why? WHY did I do this to myself?’ You try to speak but you are too scared to open your mouth in case you open the flood gates to an uncontrollable vomit session. You think maybe if you have some water it will go away, but that does not help. Then you think maybe a nice greasy breakfast. If you have a stomach of steel good for you. If you have a weak stomach like I do you will cry for mercy for the rest of day hating yourself, head hanging in the toilet and cursing all those tequila shots you just had to have in the name of fun!

I never thought it was a bad thing until I did a bit of research and saw all the long-term effects of binge drinking. I am not lashing out at people who drink, before some people start protesting. There is a big difference between drinking with your friends to be social and drinking to the point where you cannot pronounce your name let alone stand. Loads of us are guilty of binge drinking and ignorance is bliss so I am just sharing the effects of this habit so you can be better informed and the only person who you can blame later on in life is yourself.

Some of the long-term effects include: Pancreatitis; Kidney problems; Infertility; Weight Gain and Obesity; Cancer of the tongue, throat, liver, breast and mouth; Lung, stomach and intestinal problems and of course skin problems. Scary, right? We cannot blame peer-pressure forever. I do not think alcohol is a bad thing, but the abuse of alcohol is where the problem comes in. You do not have to be an alcoholic to be abusing the drink. We all do it, just some more regularly than others. Stopping drinking all-together is not the answer just some self-discipline really. So think to yourself the next time you are out, ‘Do i really need tequila shot number I do not know?’

I like my liver and I am pretty sure I need it so I am going to try the whole drink until I am tipsy thing out. I think you can have as much fun tipsy as you can off your face drunk. Please feel free to share your drinking habits and experiences! Sometimes when you find out how other people have made fools of themselves you tend to feel better about yourself.



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