Sometimes I look at that word and think ‘Pppppfffff! I am not a procrastinator. Those people are the ones who fall behind with tasks and allow things to snowball until they are buried under a mass of incomprehensible crap!’ Then I realise that it does not only apply to chores and deadlines; it also applies to dreams and aspirations. Look at Rebecca Black… she went for it and now drives everyone INSANE on a Friday!

Everyone has a fear. Fear is something that tends to hold us back from certain things in life. If you have a fear of heights it is unlikely that you would be found holidaying in the Rocky Mountains or sky diving or bungee-jumping; you get my point! Now in life people often fear FAILURE! So it is much easier to avoid and procrastinate getting anywhere near your dream, because once you are so close you can taste it, just about to step in to the limelight… that fear kicks in and you decide on a safer, alternative route that cannot end in you losing face. Do you also make pathetic attempts to achieve your dream and then find some way to sabotage it because you are too terrified of falling down and scraping your precious little knees? Do you ‘dream procrastinate’ until it is too late and all your windows of opportunity have closed for good?

What the hell is wrong with us? And how do we get out of that big, fat, procrastinating, fear-filled rut?

What I can say is; baby steps. If it is not a dream worth fighting for you might as well sit down and think about something more extravagant that gets you all excited and makes you want fight until the bitter end. No plan is perfect. Sometimes, even a simple dream can be a challenge for people. Your dream is no bigger or better than the persons next to you. You only have this one life to make all the crazy, yet healthy, mistakes and take some risks! Be sensible and always remind yourself everyday of your dream(s). Do not let people belittle you or hold you back… that does not mean shut people out of your life if they do not agree or keep telling you otherwise, it just means do not let anyone tell you your dream is out of reach (unless it is really bizarre and unrealistic of course; like time travel).



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